About Me

I was born January 21, 1991 to a wonderful mother and father: Penny and Paul Rainaldi.  I was raised in Utah and have lived here my entire life and absolutely love it here.  Throughout elementary school i attended three different schools all located here in the Salt Lake valley: Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Francis Xavier, and St. John the Baptist.  After moving on to middle school I remained at St. John the Baptist.  Once i graduated from my middle school I moved up into the high school that was associated with my middle school.  In May, 2009 I graduated from Juan Diego Catholic High School and continued on with my education after high school attending the University of Utah in the fall of 2009.  I am 21 years old and currently an undergraduate student at the University of Utah studying strategic communication.

There is a lot more to me then just school however.  I am an avid sports fanatic.  I love watching or playing any kind of sport on the face of this earth.  Well we’ll just say I haven’t met a sport I haven’t liked yet.  I must say though that my favorite sports are soccer, basketball, and football.  Both watching and playing these is an absolute must in my life



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