The Writing World of Anthony Rainaldi

I am new to the news writing world.  Just about four months ago i began the ride of news writing when I signed up for an intro to news writing class.  This posed a major problem for me because I always felt like I was a horrible writer.  However, I got started in this news writing class and found myself loving this type of writing.  I found it very intriguing and fun although I was not very good at the beginning.  Through the last couple of months I’ve grown every day as a news writing professional and look to continue to do so in an even bigger way.

Through my time as a news writing professional I have written many different pieces ranging on a number of topics.  These include anywhere from an obituary to a valentines day story and even covering an Olympic exhibit that was held at the University of Utah on the tenth anniversary.  Unfortunately, I don’t know where I will be as a news writer after the end of this semester and the end of this class but life is like that.  Sometimes you don’t know where you’ll end up or what you’ll end up doing but that’s what makes life as much fun as it is.  So I am looking forward to the ride and to see where I end up in the future as a writing professional.

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